Desolation, Thy Name is Montana

Oh, Boy.  You think it can't get any worse than North Dakota, but it really can.  Talk about being in another world.  Though beautiful in its own way, we felt totally out of place in Montana.  Mostly because everyone just stared at us, and we thought that just because we were different, that they might think that was reason enough to shoot us.  :-)

Jen go so bored she had to just go to sleep to let the time pass.  The roads were so barren that Buddy was able to almost finish the novel he was reading while driving.  Too bad that 1971 VW Camper Bus' don't come with auto pilot.

See, we told you...this is what it looked like for almost 10 hours.

We were delighted at the end of the day to see such a beautiful sunset.  God has given us really beautiful thngs to look at, which we'll go into more detail in on Page 13.

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