Glacier National Park

We made it to Glacier at about 10:30 at night.  It was quite dark out, but you just knew that as soon as we would open our peepers in the morning, that we would see everything that we were missing while driving at night.  We did happen upon 2 wild horses just hanging out beside the road on our way up.  Now, being from PA, and all, we're not toally unaccustomed to seeing animals on the side of the road, but HORSES????
The picture on the left is where we camped the first night.  Sure enough, we opened our eyes to beautiful mountains all around us.  On the right, Buddy is putting on a show for everyone at one of the seemingly thousands of waterfalls in the park. (I, Jen, have become numb to the dangerous, death-defying stunts Buddy does)
Jen showing off her muscles     Jen in front of the water falls
As we headed to the top of Logans Pass, Jen did some flexing that she is very ashamed of now.  (By the very nature of the fact that there was nothing evident when she flexed)

Glacier     Buddy in front of the continental divide
We made it to the top! We had serious doubts about the health and well-being of our van as we headed up to Logan's Pass. We were encouraged as we saw other VW vans coming down, so we thought we'd probably make it up relatively unscathed.  We were right, and now that we're back from the Canadian Rockies as I write this, we had nothing to worry about...bigger things were right around the corner.

    Beautiful Glacier Lake
We went on an hour and a half cruise on St. Mary's Lake.  We got to stop off at a waterfall (the one Buddy walked across above), and just sit and enjoy the vast beauty around us.  We couldn't help but feel the love of God wrap itself tightly around us...what a creative God we serve!

    Buddy and Jen Posing
Another view from the boat, and then ending up back on land before taking off to Calgary, Canada, where my friend, Michelle lives.  I couldn't wait to see her, it had been 6 long years since we'd goofed around in dorm rooms and done the college scene.  It would take 1 and 1/2 days to get to her, stay tuned.

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