Banff & Lake Louise

Snow Covered Peak    
Off we went to Banff...a little place snuck in the Canadian Rockies.  This little town reminded me so much of Europe.  Actually, a lot of things about Canada made me think of "home".  Just having Esso gas stations (instead of Exxon) and doing things in the metric system, tugged at my heart.  This elk, don't ask us why, was in the middle of Banff...sort of a showpiece, and one of the few wildlife we saw.  (It was too cold for them, too)

Per Michelle's suggestion, we stopped at Lake Louise, this gorgeous lake, sitting snuggly in the mountains.  The bird on the left is called a "Nutcracker" bird, but it was more like a "tame-I'll-eat-anything-you-feed-me-right-from-your-hand" bird.  Local ornothologists were, to say the least, amazed.

Just Hitchhiking to a Party        
We picked up John, who needed a ride to a party, and we were headed back to the US, the long through every mountain that we could find.  It seemed like everytime we thought we were headed for praires again, we were wrong.  More mountains until just about midnight last night.  We got into Seattle this afternoon, weary from driving, but ready for the next adventure.  Stay tuned.

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