Back to America!

That night we stayed at a truck stop just a couple hours from the US Border.  We were due to be in Seattle the next day in the afternoon.  We picked up these guys and gave them a ride part way to their destination.  They were from Quebec, heading out west to find work.  Seemed like nice guys, but we couldn't really understand each other.  They were jumping around and looked like fun guys so we just couldn't pass them up.

The drive was full of pictures just like this...a different kind of beauty from the day before.  Long, rolling hills, which the Bus didn't enjoy, but was a trooper anyhow.

We crossed the border at about 12 noon, and didn't realize that we were still a good two hours from my brothers house.  It seemed like forever.  We had been driving for quite a while now, and needed a break.  Somehow, we had disillusioned ourselves into thinking that as soon as we got over the border, we'd be home free.  Must've been some of the wounds we received from crossing the border the OTHER way.

When we finally arrived, my brother informed us that if we wanted to go to Alaska, the best time to go was that night.  Not the thing us weary travelers wanted to hear, but often do we get to go to Alaska so cheap?  We sucked it up, and that night at 8:45 p.m., we were off....see the next page.

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