Ventura, CA

We felt like the west coast was our Malachi reunion tour.  We were able to see 5 Malachi couples in about a week.  It was great to get together with all of them.  The last Malachi couple that we got to see was Paul and Sandra Bradley.  Tyler was a little shy when the camera was on him but he loved seeing himself on it.  (He's also an expert at walking on his tiptoes!)  Little Maddy isn't old enough to be shy! Paul is from Southern California and he used to surf before they moved to England and then Japan, so when I came he got the ole surf board out and took me surfing.  After 7 years of not surfing it only took Paul about 7 minutes to get used to it.  I on the other hand took a little longer.


Most of the pictures that Jen got of me surfing are like the one on the left.  Either I am about to get crushed by a wave or I am getting crushed by a wave.  On those rare occasions where I actually timed the wave right, was able to stand up without falling off and got to ride the wave in it was a blast.  I think everyone assumes that the water in Southern California would be warm but it's not.  The water temperature when we were there was somewhere around 60.  If I wasn't paddling like mad to get past the breakers it got cold pretty quick.  Luckily the sun was pretty warm and kept me from getting hypothermia.


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