Day 3-4

We left Gram and Gramps to head for Brookville, PA to get the steering fixed on our bus.  The part wasn't in and it wasn't a big deal so we are just going to have the part shipped to Jen's brother, Jon, in Seattle, WA.  We had Jim the ex-asassin/sheriff deputy/Harley-loving/VW-hating mechanic look at our bus and try and fix the tail light.  While they were looking at the bus we went to the local goodwill and I purchased a fine wig that many people, even friends that haven't seen me for a long time, think is my own hair.  We got back and found it was going to be too much work to fix the tail light but at least we have break lights, turn signals, emergency lights, etc. on that side so we are good.  We spent much of the afternoon driving.

Buddy likes to amuse himself by taking self-portraits while Jen drives.  He props up the video camera on the refrigerator and begins posing.  Buddy isn't really sleeping because if you saw the video, he gets up one second later and begins taking even more pictures of himself, seen below.

Jen, thought this pretty rest stop deserved a picture.  Actually, she thought it was the prettiest rest stop she's ever seen in her life, complete with blue mulch.  I thought it made a great place to play frisbee.

We spent yesterday with Mark and Jen.  Last night they held the first "Missionary in the House" party for us.  It was only fitting since Mark came up with the name.  We are meeting with, Gateway, their church tonight.  In the picture on the right, Craig is the guy on the right.  Craig is another crazy guy who moved out to Columbus to help Mark start Gateway Community Church.

This is an extreme close-up of Steve's face in low light.  Steve is one of the funniest guys I know. One time in college he even peed his pants on stage just to get a laugh.  Many that weren't in the "know" didn't laugh because they just thought his was nervous.  Those in the "know" just thought he was being his usual hilarious self.

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