"The Springs"

We left the lodge at about 11 a.m. and headed toward Colorado Springs.  Much like a mother knows there's something wrong with her child, we knew our van was not feeling well.  Our simple prayer was this...."God, please get us over this last mountain range".  That, He did, and about 10 miles after we arrived on I-25 (or, the "I", as they say in "the Springs"), we heard a cable flapping around in the engine, and could only top out at about 35 miles an hour.  Surely, we had pushed too hard.


It was perfect timing, though, as we cooked our sloppy joes in eager anticipation of the tow-truck.  As you can tell, it was a really scenic place for a picnic, and we actually enjoyed our time.  Trusty Triple A came through for us, and we the tow truck drove us all the way to Colorado Springs to a VW specialist. (You don't take your child or van to just anyone).

The mechanic, Bob, was completely trustworthy, had owned a VW since the late 60's, and we knew we were in good hands.  He was on a bit of a power trip, but I quickly theorized that most mechanics have a very powerful role, in that we all go to them feeling at about our weakest, practically begging them for a miracle.  Laura graciously came after us, as we left the Bus at the hospital for the night.  Bob assured us that it would be feeling better in the morning.


Had a great time with the Rob, Laura, and Mark Shorey.  (They are featured elsewhere in this huge web-page, as Buddy stayed with them earlier this summer when he and Dan Dundore when camping)  Mark is such a cute fella.  Very smiley, and a completely happy baby, albeit that he did wail when Buddy jumped in the back seat with him.  I think the goatee scared him off.  Laura made us a great, yummy meal which I will copy and soon be serving our own guests in PA.  Grady didn't really cooperate when it came time to take the family photo.  We caught Mark sleeping.  He can roll over onto his stomach but he can't roll back over onto his back.  See how his arm sticks out.  He tries to keep it there and then roll over.  Keep trying.  You'll get there soon, Mark.


We took a walk that night, and captured this sunset right outside their house.  It was so beautiful. They have a really nice neighborhood.  We topped off the night with ice cream and cookies, and a game of card-golf.  Laura won, and it was her first attempt!


  Tomorrow we would hear the diagnosis of the Bus.  We were hoping a quick tune up would do the trick..stay tuned.

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