BRRRR! It's cold in here.

We were both very happy that we spent the night in a warm motel when we walked out into the rainy cold morning.  Jen kept warm doing her Mount Everest imitation in the back of the bus while I drove.  That's her hiding in the sleeping bag.  Notice the surfboard has made it's way into the bus.  It flew off of the bus about 50 feet from the road in a huge crosswind so we kept it in the bus the rest of the trip so as not to injure any cows that might happen to be grazing near the road.  Can you guess what the picture on the right is of?

The picture is a close up of my hot chocolate cup.  Here I am with my Vee Dub hat, fleece coat, and hot chocolate to keep warm.  We made it to Elkhart, Indiana in the middle of the afternoon with a chugging bus that wasn't quite stearing right.

Jen Jackson is one of my friends from college.  It was nice surprise to see her at church on Sunday night.  Jen Rathmell has loved her ever since she helped out with some things out our wedding.  It's always fun to see Jen and she is actually coming to our house for breakfast this Saturday.


Jeff "Rack" Reichanadter is one of my best friends from college.  He was there for most of my adventures while in school and we traveled together for a summer on a ministry team.  He is still a great friend and is always pushing me to be a better follower of Christ.  Jen spent some time while we were at Rack's working on the webpage.


When went shopping at Meijer's while we were in Elkhart and I got to be the cashier.  They have about 5 lanes where you get to check yourself out.  You scan all the items and then place them in a bag.  There is a scale under the bag which weighs each item to make sure that you are not stealing anything.  Then you either pay with cash or like any good Gen Exer pay with the credit card and sign your signature on the screen and you are off.  I have always said that if MacDonald's accepted credit cards I wouldn't even need cash.  On our journey we did stop at a KFC that accepted credit cards.  If anyway is reading this that has pull in the financial world I have a little suggestion to make life run a little smother.  Get rid of having to sign the credit card slip after each purchase under $25.

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