Columbus, OH

We stayed at Mark and Jen's on Saturday night and spent most of the day on Sunday with Steve Peter's.  If you checked out day 4 you already know him. Steve pretty much was our host for the day.  We went to the mall, did lunch at a fine Columbus dinning establishment (Toca Bell), and played frisbee in the afternoon while talking about the good old days in college.  If you are a single female, love the Lord, and would like to get in touch with this fine young gentleman driving the brand new Acura please feel free to email him at

Since Jen has spent more of her life in Germany than she has in the states she was loving the fact that we got to go to the German district in Columbus.  Here she is stand in front of the backerei.  On the right, Mark, Steve and I showing off or muscles.  Steve has a new total home gym so he is a little bigger than the rest of us.

It was a little windy in the afternoon as you can tell in the picture on the right.  Thankfully, it calmed down enough that evening that the members of the Gateway Community Church could come out for the evening service.  Mindy made delecious eats, there was a quick business meeting discussing whether or not they should rent a building in the short north for services this fall, then we shared about our ministry n Japan and Marion finished off with a great message on spiritual warefare.  They ended the evening by giving us gifts from the "missionary closet" like Bazooka Bubble gum, water bottles, coloring books and cryaons. What more could you want for a trip on the road.  We took off that night and I drove part way to Mt. Pleasant, MI while my wife slept in the back.

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