Mt. Pleasant, MI

We traveled part way to Mt. Pleasant and stayed at a truck stop right over the border in MI from Toledo.  It was very good to see Rick and Nema.  Nema was one of my best friends in college and Rick and I were roommates right after college. When Jen and I got married we moved to the next apartment over so we got to hang out a lot.  Plus if you have ever met them you know that they are two of the most entertaining people in the world  I don't think they have any board games because they make up all their own games.  The night we were there we decided to do in depth interviews with the video camera.  Nema directed the whole thing.  Anyway we had a blast with them.  Their house was beautifuly decorated and who would expect anything less.  The dinning room table came with an umbrella but they haven't put it up yet because they don't have the pole.  Notice Nema with the artistic tilt of the head and the "for the camera" smile.

I caught Rick asking Nema if she wanted a kiss.  How could she resist a face like that?  Or those huge feet?  I got all of the pictures off of the camera yesterday and I am writing the page while we are traveling in the bus today and I can't believe I didn't get a picture of Nema directing all of the rest of us during our movie making time.  I'll just have to leave that one to your imagination.

"The Family" minus Timmer.

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