Chicago, IL
This is where we camped in the bus on our way to Chicago.  It was at a TA truckstop somewhere in Michigan.  In the morning we were stuck in a huge traffic jam outside of Chicago.  We were going to be late to visit our friends Bill and Kathy Ladd but luckily we forgot about the hour time change when you cross into Illinois so we were right on time.

This is a picture of the Chicago skyline that Jen took as we drove into the city. She is becoming quite the photographer.  It was a pretty rainy day in Chicago but we weren't there to see the sights anyway.

This is retired Colonel Bill Ladd.  He was field director in Europe when Jen was a missionary there before we got married and Jen likes to see him every couple of years so that she can still harass him.  He spent 20 minutes on the phone to earn the church he is working for $100.

This is Kathy Ladd, Bill's better half.  She is a great cook and has dishes from all over the world to serve her meals on.

These are all pictures from Willow Creek Community Church.  We went to the midweek believers service and really enjoyed it.  Not only did we enjoy the service but we enjoyed the pizza that we had in the cafeteria before the service.  They had a mini orchestra and band for the worship and we had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Joe Stowell deliver the 50 minute message.  He is one of my favorite preachers to hear on the radio so it was neat to see him in person.  I was thinking that in 5 years people will be saying that about Pastor Beckett when he is the guest speaker at a church since he in now working with Woodrow Kroll and Back to the Bible.

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