Land O' Lakes Butter

On Thursday we stayed with Heide and Lee Rahn who live on the farm where Land O Lakes butter is made.  I may have pet the cow that produced the milk that was used to make the butter that is in your fridge.  Pretty neat huh.  On our way into the farm Heide ran over PVC pipe line so Jen jumped out of the car and put the hose back together.  Only then did she realize that it was the waste hose from the barn.  I wish that I would have gotten a picture of her reaction to the smell of urine all over her hands.  I think it was about the most grossed out she has been since we have been married.  The rest of us had a great laugh at her expense.

This is Heide and Lee and Naomi.  Naomi is very cute and liked to climb around the bus.  In fact she liked to climb just about anything.  Chairs, piano, the doll house, the couch and pretty much everything else.  She wants mom to name her little brother Englebert.  I agree that they should name the boy that but Mom and Dad think they can come up with a better name.  We'll see.

Heidi is one of Jen's best friends from college.  Heidi actually came and stayed at my house in Germany when she was touring the country with Jen about 6 years ago.  Jen and I weren't dating at the time but Heidi and Aunt Barb told Jen that she had better date me.  It took her a little while to take their advice.

This is Mister Land O Lakes, Leslie Rahn.  He is the one that pulls the milk out of the cow so you can butter your toast in the morning.  On the right is a young cow that tried to suck my finger off.  Finally it let go and even let me take some of it's slobber with me.  It was fun to be on a Dairy farm and see how everything works.

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