North Dakota

North Dakota is pretty big.  We had to do things to amuse ourselves like taking our picture in the mirror as we were driving.  (Don't worry mom there aren't really any other cars on the road in North Dakota)

We also picked up Ronny.  He was once a big musician in Pittsburgh, but now would rather play on the road.  He was a nice guy and a great conversationalists.  We picked him up just after a train wreck.  We couldn't get any pictures of the train wreck because it was in a single lane construction zone so we couldn't pull over.   We reminded ourselves afterwards that we were in North Dakota and that we probably could have stopped the bus in the single lane contruction zone, shot the picture, taken a quick nap and no other cars would have shown up.


We drove until 10:30 or 11:30 that night depending on what part of the state you are in.  We crossed into the mountain time zone and then back into central again.  There wasn't really anywhere to stop that we felt comfortable and hotels are nice and cheap so we thought we would treat ourselves.  Buddy left the door open for a couple of minutes and a couple of flys got in so Jen had to hunt them down before she could go to sleep.

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