Heading to Colorado

I can understand why people are flocking to Colorado.  It is so beautiful here.  We thought everything was beautiful in the desert states but Colorado takes it up a notch.  We stopped by 4 corners on the way.  I was able to be in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Arizona all at the same time.

Later in the day we had to climb Wolf-Creek Pass which is 10,857 feet high.  Over two vertical miles above sea level.  We stopped once on the way up to give the bus a break but she didn't really need it.  At the top we gave the last of our drinking water to someone who had an over heated engine.  The picture below on the left is of Mt. Seven which Dan Dundore and I had climbed earlier in the summer.  It was neat to be near there and relive some old memories.

On the left are some of the peaks that we drove by.  On the right is Jen cooking dinner in front of our hotel room.  We decided to stop so we could shower and update the web page.  Plus you can't beat the price.  $35 for a newly remodeled efficiency.  So now we are about to take off and head to Colorado Springs.

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